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Fifty years ago when the field of lighting was burgeoning, we were there. Today, as it has crossed many milestones, we continue to be there. We’ve walked the path and defined our processes such that the proficient combination of dynamic professional management, dedicated dealer networks and technically strong sales team is available to our customers.

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Our Philosophy

Our Mission is to assure outstanding product quality through product conception, in-house component manufacturing and testing.

Our Missions

Our Vision is to provide our customers with innovation that aids in satisfying their expectations, and goes a step beyond.

Our Vision

Innovation in creation
Excellence and Quality in everything that we do
Sustainability - Durable and eco friendly for a million better dawns to come

Our Values
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Lighting your imagination

Lighting your imagination

We believe in illuminating spaces and uplifting moods with our products that range from LED lights, fixtures and lamps to accessories and more. Reinforced with the coordinated contribution of the after sales and installation partners, we are one of India’s leading smart lighting solutions experts.